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Events.Before login

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The BeforeLogin event is executed on the Login page before verifying the username and password.


BeforeLogin($username, $password, $message, $pageObject, $userdata)


Note: this event will not be called when 'Remember me' option is enabled and user accesses one of internal pages directly.



a user-entered login name.


a user-entered password.


if the function returns false, place the message to be displayed into this variable.


an object representing the current page. For more information, see RunnerPage class.


an array with the user-entered data. Access fields by $userdata["FieldName"].

Return value

true: proceed with the login process. Username and password are validated against the Login table.


false: abort the login procedure and display the "Invalid login" message.

Applies to pages



Recommended predefined actions and sample events:

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Insert a record into another table

Check to see if a specific record exists

Display a message on the Web page

Redirect to another page

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