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Sets the variable to the given value. Use the setProxyValue() method to pass PHP values to JavaScript: you assign value to a variable in PHP and then use it in JavaScript.


This method is available on all pages and needs to be added to BeforeDisplay event.


setProxyValue($name, $value)



any variable name. Example: "master".


the value assigned to the variable. $value may be a simple value (e.g., string, number) or an array.

Return value

No return value.

Example 1

Setting and using regular variables and arrays. This code goes to BeforeDisplay event.


$pageObject->setProxyValue("name", "some value");


Use the name and master variables in JavaScript OnLoad event:



Example 2

Using PHP values in button's Javascript code.


BeforeDisplay event:


$pageObject->setProxyValue("name", "some value");



Javascript OnLoad event:


window.proxy = proxy;


Button's ClientBefore or ClientAfter event



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