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About the Predefined actions

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What are the Predefined actions?

Action in the ASPRunner.NET is a piece of code that you can assign to Events. Actions determine what exactly occurs within the Event.


The ASPRunner.NET comes with the set of the Predefined actions - pre-made code samples which you can customize.


Note: You can write your code and combine it with the pre-made samples.


Add, edit, and modify Predefined actions on the Events screen.



Note: You cannot use Predefined actions with JavaScript onload events.

A list of the Predefined actions

Predefined actions are divided into three groups:


1.Email - these actions allow sending various emails in different conditions;

Send simple email

Send email with new data

Send email with old data


2.Database - these actions allow different operations in the Database;

Save new data in another table

Save old data in another table

Insert a record into another table

Check if specific record exists



Display a message on the Web page

Redirect to another page.


Note: Each of the predefined actions works with specific events only. To learn more, see the respective articles.

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