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Creating charts

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Creating a chart

To create a chart:


1. Proceed to the Datasource tables screen and click Create Chart.


2. Select the table and set the chart name. Click OK.



Note: you can create a copy of an existing chart (right-click the chart and select Copy).

Modifying the chart

On the next several screens (use the Next button to navigate) you can:


make the changes to the SQL query. More info about editing SQL queries;

select the type of chart to build. More info about chart types;



choose the Data Series fields (more info about setting chart parameters);

modify the chart appearance options.


Note: you can use charts with both master and details tables. For more information, see Master-details relationship between tables.


A chart as a details table:



A chart as a master table:



To further customize the chart appearance like colors, fonts, or the chart title, use the ChartModify event.

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