>>  PHPRunner and ASPRunner.NET 10.9 released!
PHPRunner and ASPRunner.NET 10.9 released!
Jan 4, 2023

PHPRunner and ASPRunner.NET 10.9 are here! Find all the details and download links in this blog post. This is a stable version that can be used in production. 

If you purchased PHPRunner or ASPRunner.NET less than one year ago, you can download the registered version via your control panel. After logging in, proceed to 'My purchases' and click 'Reg info' link next to your latest purchase. If you purchased more than one year ago you can also see upgrade links in the control panel


Just some of the improvements in this update.

1. Excel-like filters in column headers
2. Users can choose what 2FA methods they can use. This can be done on User Profile page. 
3. New Menu API functionality. Now you can load the whole menu from the database.
4. Improved page load speed, reduced the number of JS and CSS files.
5. Notifications API update, implemented fine-tuned notifications permissions settings.
6. New totals options. You can choose between displaying the current page totals and all data in the table totals. 
7. Added Swal2 Javascript library support
8. Upgraded jQuery to the latest stable version 3.6. 
9. Full PHP 8.2 support


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Sergey Kornilov