>>  FormBuilder, Pictur, DevClub and more
FormBuilder, Pictur, DevClub and more
Feb 3, 2023

Here is what we are working on at the moment. Quite a few interesting things are happening and I hope that you will find some of them useful.

1. Version 11 development
2. SurveyDesigner- create quick surveys
3. Pictur - new way to share travel pictures
4. Free Web Apps - 25 free web apps
5. DevClub - become a better web developer

Version 11

Version 11 development goes as planned. It is a significant update and we expect to show you something in June 2023. There will also be a version 10.9 update in a few weeks. What is expected in version 11?


This is a small project that we working on and that will be ready soon. This will be a service that allows you quickly create surveys and forms. You can check Survey Designer here. Sign up with Google or email, create a form, and add some questions. Let us know what you think. 

You can also check this Sample survey that only took two minutes to create. Feel free to check it and answer. 

You may ask, why would I want this if I already have PHPRunner or ASPRunner.NET? I can just use the Survey template and do the same.

The answer is simple: speed and simplicity. With PHPRunner or ASPRunner.NET you need to do the following:

- create a new database
- decide where you want to host this survey
- build and upload it
- after a month or two you need to remember where you uploaded it

It is too much work for a simple, one-off kind of survey. Survey Designer can be a better answer to this problem.


Pictur.app is a new a fun way to share travel pictures and stories. If you are tired of sending travel pictures to your family members via WhatsApp or just piling them all up in some Google Drive folder, you should try Pictur. It is 100% free, so why don't give it a try?

We have created it as an answer to our own needs with the help of PHPRunner. We will be sharing some details of how this project was created in our blog.

Free Web Apps

This is a new initiative. We have decided to make all our business templates, free and paid, to be available as standalone apps. You can download all of them for free at Free Web Apps website

Some descriptions are missing, we are still working on filling it up with the information but we wanted to share it with you as soon as possible. For now, all scripts only support PHP and MySQL. If we have enough interest, we will add C# and SQL server support. 

Download, unzip to a folder on your website, edit config.php file to specify database name, username and password, then launch install.php file, and follow the process. Installation takes 30 seconds. 


This is a new program that we will be launching in March 2023. This is a member-only club that will host three live webinars a month where one of our developers will cover intermediate and expert-level techniques related to web development in general and specifically to PHPRunner and ASPRunner.NET. 

We expect sessions to be one hour long, 45 minutes will cover the topic and the last 15 minutes will be a questions and answers section. All webinars will be recorded and available to members for download. 

Before March 2023 you can get yearly access for $399. The price will increase once the program is launched.

I want early bird discount!

Stay tuned!
Sergey Kornilov