ASPRunnerPro 9.7 manual
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Event: OnPageLoad



Function OnPageLoad occurs after page is displayed in browser. Use this event to work with the "edit" controls using the Javascript API.




pageObj - RunnerPage object that represents a current page object.

pageid - page's unique numeric identifier.

proxy - data transferred from ASP code using pageObject.setProxyValue function.

inlineRow - InlineRow object available in Add/Edit page events in the inline mode.

Applies to pages

List, View, Add, Edit, Print, Search, Export, Report, Chart, Login, Register, Password reminder, Change password


· List page behavior

How to calculate values (totals) on the fly

How to control Inline Add/Edit functionality from script

How to refresh List page after Edit in popup

How to hide 'Edit selected'/'Delete selected' buttons

How to display all Options on Search panel

· Add/Edit lists behavior

How to ask for confirmation before saving the record

How to control multi-step pages

How to work with foldable section

How to work with tabs

· Form and controls

Add custom field to form

How to show dropdown list of US states if US was selected in country list

How to enable/disable a button

· Tweaking control appearance

Change width of edit box with AJAX popup

Change width of text field on Quick Search panel

Change font size in text box

Change font in "edit" controls

How to convert input into upper case




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