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JavaScript API: RunnerPage object > getSelectedRecordKeys()

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Returns an array of key field values for all the selected records.


Note: The selected records are the ones that have the checkbox next to them selected.




No arguments

Return value

The return value is an array of arrays even if there is only one key field in the table.


Note: The key field values obtained this way can be used as is in the selection parameter of or functions.


[ [1], [2], [10] ]


You may need to clean all the Details table records corresponding to one of the Master table record.


For this purpose, you can insert a Custom button into the Master table List page.


Client before:


params["keys"] = pageObj.getSelectedRecordKeys();




foreach (KeyValuePair<XVar, dynamic> key in parameters["keys"].GetEnumerator())
          DB.Exec((XVar)(MVCFunctions.Concat("delete from carsmodels where make=", key.Value["id"])));


Note: In this example, carsmodels is a Details table name; make is the name of the Master-details link field.


Client after:



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