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Security API: setPermissions

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Sets permissions for a certain table for the current user. Permissions need to be set only once per user session, i.e., in the After Successful Login event.


Permissions should be passed in the form of an array where the keys are specific permission letters:


A - add,

D - delete,

E - edit,

S - search/list,

P - print/export,

I - import,

M - admin permission. When advanced permissions are in effect (e.g., Users can see/edit their own records only), this permissions grants access to all records.


Security::setPermissions($table, $rights)



the name of the table.


an array where the keys are specific permission letters.

Return value

No return value.

Example 1

Enable the Add and disable Delete functionality for the "Cars" table for the current user:


$rights = Security::getPermissions("Cars");
$rights["A"] = true;
$rights["D"] = false;
Security::setPermissions("Cars", $rights);

Example 2

Check if the current user has Add permissions for the "Cars" table:


$rights = Security::getPermissions("Cars");
echo "add permission available";

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