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Rich Text Editor plugins

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To choose a Rich Text Editor type, go to the Page Designer screen, set the Edit as type of any text field to the Text area, and select the Use Rich Text Editor check box.


PHPRunner supports the following third-party Rich Text Editors:




InnovaStudio Editor:


For more info on each editor, documentation, and examples, visit the vendors' websites.


TinyMCE Editor

This editor comes built-in into PHPRunner. You don't need to download or configure anything - select it from the list of available Rich Text Editors.


Documentation can be found here.

InnovaStudio Editor

To use this Editor select InnovaStudio Editor under Text area settings.


InnovaStudio Editor adds about 1000 files to the generated application; the footprint is about 3.5Mb. InnovaStudio Editor documentation and examples can be found in the documentation folder of the plugin.



Download CKEditor  and unzip it into <PHPRunner installation folder>\source\plugins folder.


You can find more info on CKEditor at



If you also need to be able to upload images using CKFinder plugin download CKEditor+CKFinder package  instead and unzip it into <PHPRunner installation folder>\source\plugins folder.


After you built and uploaded your project to the web server set write permissions on ckeditor/ckfinder/files folder. This where uploaded images will be stored.



Also make sure that you have PHP 5.6 or better on the web server as CKFinder needs it.



The documentation for CKFinder is available at:


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