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REST API: inRestApi

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Tells if the current request is executed as a part of REST API call




No arguments

Return value

Returns true if current request is executed via REST API, returns false otherwise.

Sample code

In this example we will show you how to implement a very basic rate limiting for your REST API. We would assume that limit is set as number of requests per user per month and users table has two additional fields: ratelimitquota (the current number of requests) and ratelimit (the max allowed number of requests). The following code goes to AfterSuccessfulLogin event.



if (inRestApi()) {
//Updating the quota for this user.
$UpdatedData = array();
$UpdatedData["ratelimitquota"] = $data["ratelimitquota"] + 1;
DB::Update("users", $UpdatedData, "username = '" . $username . "'" );
if ( $UpdatedData["ratelimitquota"] > $data["ratelimit"] )
       API::sendError( 'Too many requests', 429 );



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