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Microsoft OneDrive

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File upload to Microsoft OneDrive


This article show how to configure PHPRunner to upload files to Microsft OneDrive cloud storage.



Create a new app registration

Proceed to Azure -> App registrations -> New registrations



Supported account types: This parameter can not be changed later.

If you plan to use your personal OneDrive account, choose Personal Accounts only



Redirect URI: - you can change this parameter later

Platform: Web





For example:






Press Register to create the application.

Configure app registration




1. App registrations -> Your app, Proceed to Overview.


Application (client) ID - copy to PHPRunner as Client ID


2. Proceed to Certificates & secrets, click 'New client secret'


After the secret is created copy its Value (not the Secret ID!) to the Client Secret field in PHPRunner


3. Proceed to API Permissions


Click Microsoft Graph and add permissions.

Use the search tool.

The following permissions need to be added:




4. Proceed to Authentication


Add the Redirect URL if you didn't do that before or need to add a new one.

Press Add platform, choose Web.

See above which Redirect URL to enter.


5. Proceed to OneDrive.


Note the URL in browser's address box. It should be something like this


Copy the cid parameter value to Drive field in PHPRunner, for example: 7FD32AC638D2A7


You are all set. Now you can run your application.

Important note


After the project is built and published, open it in the web browser and proceed to any page of a table where cloud storage is used. You will be redirected to Microsoft's site to log in.

Log in under the account that should be used to store the files. Then the application will save the credentials, and no further login will be needed.


The credentials are saved in \templates_c\onedrive.php file respectively.

If you need to change the OneDrive configuration and start storing files under a different account, delete that file, then close all browser windows to clear the session. Open any page where cloud storage is used in the browser again and log in to Microsoft using your new account.

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