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The SignaturePad control allows you to add a signature pad to the page. SignaturePad works with mouse and touch controls.



Select SignaturePad as the Edit as type for any text field with a length of 400 characters or more on the Add/Edit pages.


Select Image as the View as type for the selected text field to see the signatures on the View/List pages.


A SignaturePad example on the Add page:



Click the Add initialization script button to customize the SignaturePad control.


Here is the list of its settings:


// signature field height
$this->settings["height"] = 100;
// signature field width
$this->settings["width"] = 300;
// signature background color
$this->settings["bgcolor"] = "#ffffff";
// set it to true to make signature field required
// folder to store signature files
// can be relative path like "files" or an absolute path like "c:\inetpub\wwwroot\mywebsite\images"
// signature background image
// $this->settings["bgimage"] = "";
$this->settings["bgimage"] = "";
// signature pen color
$this->settings["color"] = "#145394";
// signature line width
$this->settings["linewidth"] = 2;


Note: SignaturePad is a custom plugin. You can create custom Edit control plugins to use in PHPRunner.

For more information, see How to create a custom Edit control.

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