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About Demo Account

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What is a Demo Account?

Demo Account is a free service provided by to PHPRunner customers. By using Demo Account, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions.


Demo Account allows quickly uploading the generated by PHPRunner application to our demo server for testing purposes.


You may find this feature useful if:


you don't have a web server on your local machine to test the application;

you don't have a web hosting account;

you need to show someone the generated application (colleagues, friends, or our support staff).

Using Demo Account

To open and use Demo Account, proceed to the Finished screen in PHPRunner and click the Demo Account button. To create an account, enter your email address and choose any password you want.


Note: you need these credentials later if you wish to manage your account, i.e., delete projects.


After the account is created, use the Upload button to transfer the application to the demo server.


Note: your application automatically opens in the browser after the successful upload.


Demo Account transfers the generated pages and database to the demo server. Currently supported databases are MS Access, SQL Server, MySQL.


To view your account, proceed to The account page allows you to manage the uploaded projects.

Demo Account limitations

Since this account is designed for demo purposes, only the first 1000 records in each SQL Server/MySQL database table are transferred to the server. MS Access databases are transferred to the server entirely.

The maximum size of the archived project is 100Mb.

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