>>  New templates: Forms and Auction
New templates: Forms and Auction
Aug 31, 2023


We are happy to present two new templates: Forms and Auction. As usually, we offer a good deal if you purchase both of them at the same time. 

For $75 you can get Forms templateAuction template, and one month of DevClub subscription which is 50% off the list price. If you are already a DevClub subscriber, you can pick any additional template of your choice instead. This offer is valid till September 7th, 2023. More info is below. 

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Forms template

Forms template helps you to build beautiful forms and surveys to collect data and get valuable insights. To see this template in action check this live demo.

  • Form and survey designer
  • Multiple question layouts
  • Responses presented as a chart or as a grid with CSV export
  • Integrations: Slack, Google Forms, AirTable, Notion, Web hooks

Auction template

This template does exactly what it says - lets you host live, online auctions with 'Buy now' option and payment processing. Think eBay but as a part of your PHPRunner or ASPRunner.NET project. More info and screenshots.

DevClub subscription

You probably heard about DevClub many times already. This is our latest initiative that aims to make our clients better web developers. More people we have on board is better and this is your opportunity to get a free month of this subscription. You will also get access to all 20 recorded webinars and sample projects. 

You can get both templates and one month of DevClub subscription for $75. This offer is valid till September 7th, 2023.