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rowData object

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After you inserted the button into a datagrid, you can use the rowData object to manipulate records.


rowData object is available in the Client Before and Client After events of the inserted button.


rowData.fields is an object, where index is the name of the field, and value - a jQuery container object that contains the field.

Example 1

Make a red box around the value of the ID field:


rowData.fields['ID'].css('border', '1px solid red');

Example 2

Get the HTML code of the ID field




Add a prefix to the value of the ID field:


rowData.fields['ID'].html("some prefix" + rowData.fields['ID'].html());


rowData.keys is an array of values ​​of key fields in the record.


for (var i = 0; i < rowData.keys.length; i ++) {
  // Do something
} is the ID of the record. If you are running an Inline Edit, you can use the Runner.getControl function.


for(var fName in rowData.fields){
  // get the control object, will work only if you open "inline"
  var ctrl = Runner.getControl(, fName);
  if ( !ctrl ) {
  // get the control value
  var val = ctrl.getValue();
  if( val == "audi" )

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