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Before audit log

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The Before audit log event is executed before a record is added to the log.


public XVar OnAuditLog(dynamic action, dynamic parameters, dynamic table, dynamic keys, dynamic newvalues, dynamic oldvalues)



the occured action.


params[0]: the user's IP address, params[1]: username.


the modified table.  


an array of key column values pointing to the current record.


an array of field values added to the database. You can modify any of those fields, see Example 2.


an array of the previous field values. Applies to the Edit and Delete functions.

Return value

True: save the action in the log.


False: do not save the action in the log.

Applies to pages

All pages. Insert your code into the Before audit log event.

Example 1

If you do not want to record the actions done by the admin in the audit log, you can use the following code:


if (parameters[1] == "admin")
  return false;
return true;


Example 2

Replace ID with the actual value from the lookup table and save it in the audit log.




if (table=="cars")  {
     newvalues["makeid"] = DB::DBLookup(DB::PrepareSQL("select name from makes where id=:1", newvalues["makeid"] ) );


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