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Events.After record deleted

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The AfterDelete event is executed after the record was deleted.


public XVar AfterDelete(dynamic where, dynamic deleted_values, ref dynamic message, dynamic pageObject)



a WHERE clause that points to the record to be copied. Example: ID=19.


an array with the field values from the record to be deleted. To access a specific field value, use deleted_values["FieldName"].

Note: Field names are case-sensitive. If the field name is PlayerId, you should use deleted_values["PlayerId"]. Note that deleted_values["playerid"] or deleted_values["PlayerID"] will not work.



place the message to be displayed into this variable.


an object representing the current page. For more information, see RunnerPage class.

Applies to pages


Recommended predefined actions and sample events:

Send a simple email

Insert a record into another table

Check to see if a specific record exists

Display a message on the Web page

Redirect to another page

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