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Additional WHERE tabs

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Tabs and additional WHERE clauses

This screen lets you create additional tabs that show the records limited by WHERE clauses.



The interface consists of several fields, checkboxes and buttons:


The first field is the Label of the tab;

The second field is the ID of the tab;

The text box is where you add the WHERE clauses;

The show row count checkbox shows the number of rows in the tab next to the label;

The hide if no data checkbox hides the tab if there is no data for the resulting query;

The button with a lightning icon shows the results of the WHERE clause in the Results tab;

Click the Add new tab button to add a new tab;

Use the Up/Down/Remove buttons in the upper-right corner of the tab panel to reorder or remove the tabs.


Note: you can also use the SQL variables in the WHERE clause.


Here is an example of two additional tabs called My orders and Year 2015 for the Orders table:


Here is how it looks like in the generated app:


Sample WHERE expressions

"phone like '%555%'"

"city like 'M%'"


Using functions to create and manage WHERE tabs

ASPRunner.NET lets you create and manage the WHERE tabs using the following WHERE Tabs API functions:


create a tab dynamically with the addTab() function;

delete the tab with the deleteTab() function;

change the title of the tab with the setTabTitle() function;

change the WHERE clause of the tab with the setTabWhere() function.

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