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Visual Editor - Lookup wizard


Lookup wizard is a list of values. Values can be entered manually (List of values option) or retrieved from the database table (Database table option).


List of values

Use 'plus'/'minus' buttons to add/delete values and buttons with arrows to order them.


Database table

You can select the existing database table/custom view to retrieve values from (Table dropdown box) or create new custom view using Create new query button. For more information about creating SQL query, see About SQL query designer.

yellowbulbNote: if selected table is included in the project, the rules applied to the project tables (such as modified SQL query, Advanced Security, сhanges made to the SQLQuery object in the After table initialized event) will be also applied to the lookup table. For example, you can limit the list of items in dropdown with Advanced Security.


Display field

You can use Custom Expression for the Display field to display several values from different fields with custom design in dropdown box.


How it looks in the browser:


WHERE expression

The WHERE expression allows to sort dropdown box content. In our example if you put "phone like '%555%'" into WHERE box only Contacts with 555 in phone number will be displayed.


To use table variables of the session in a WHERE clause, table names should be written as follows:




You can auto-fill several fields on the Add/Edit pages with values from the lookup table.


Add new items on the fly

This option puts Add new link next to the dropdown box allowing to add new items right on Edit/Add page. Add new item popup is a fully-featured add page.


Linked dropdown boxes

You can use dependent dropdown boxes, where values shown in the second dropdown box depend on the value you’ve chosen in the first one.

To do this, select the This dropdown is dependent on ... check box. Choose Category control - field, defining list of categories and Category field – field from dependent table, containing category value. After setup press Test it button, to check how it will work.


Edit page with dependent dropdown boxes (Model field content is dependent on Make field value):


You can also use chain of dependent dropdown boxes. For example, Supplier field content can depends on Products field, which in its turn depend on Products category field.

Also you can have more than one dependent dropdown box tied to the same master dropdown control.

Appearance of lookup wizard

Dropdown box

List of values is displayed as a dropdown box. If you set Multiline to any value greater then one this field will appear as a listbox on Add/Edit pages. Select Allow multiple selection check box to allow users select multiple values.


Edit box with AJAX popup

This feature is explained in AJAX-based features. Select Allow multiple selection check box to allow users select multiple values.


Checkbox list

List of values is displayed as set of check boxes. A user can select one or several values.


If you enable Horizontal layout check box, check boxes will be placed horizontally.


Radio button

List of values is displayed as set of radio buttons. A user can select only one value.


If you enable Horizontal layout check box, radio buttons will be placed horizontally.


List page with search

Once Select button is clicked user is presented with the searchable lookup table. Lookup table appearance is fully customizable in Visual Editor. Select Allow multiple selection check box to allow users select multiple values.


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