[NEEDS WORK] Advanced programming

All the advanced topics. How to create your own pages and workflows which are not directly derived from tables using the same style, applications which are not entirely database centric, examples of many of the typical corporate, commercial, industrial, scientific, or social networking applications etc.

How to design and setup dynamic multi-table views, adds/updates

Using JQuery, AJAX, custom CSS

Integrating with other applications

Binding your own php scripts & sharing session & variables

Accessing the DB from your own scripts through the same connection

How to blend two or more projects, accessing other databases (and other types)

Templates for displaying lists of data returned from other databases in same style

Accessing data on other servers (server-server)

Sharing common code amongst multiple events

When/how to differ bulk updates/deletes to batch

How to invoke windows/linux schedulers

Why/how to save user context/state across multiple sessions

Generating your own PDFs for creating printable labels/forms

Creating mobile friendly applications

Examples of how to make grid lists which keep the column headers stationary and allow continuous scrolling