Managing large projects

How to/best practices for managing large projects in PHPRunner/ASPRunnerPro with scores/hundreds of tables and the spaghetti diagram of cross linkages etc.

How to/best practices for establishing modular architecture and making use of "Adding Template to project" functionality...

How to/best practices for establishing modular Menu structure...

How to encode/maintain your relationship schema

When to use the DB's foreign keys and views vs foreign keys and views

Ways to partition the project so that 2 or more developers can work on them

As a first step make sure you put your project under source control. Here are instructions on setting up PHPRunner/ASPRunnerPro with SVN.

How to document and peer review designs and coding

How to extract the internal SQL, PHP, Javascript (for documentation and review)

How to find fields in the label editor when there's literally thousands of fields in seeming random order

How to improve performance when you have monster tables, slow networks and high transaction rates

How to avoid problems when doing lookups into very large tables

Lookup table with thousands records may slow down your pages significantly. This applies to both Add/Edit pages and to the List page with search panel. The best approach in this situation is to use lookup wizard in 'Edit box with AJAX popup' or 'List page with search mode'.

How to refresh lookups tables when multiple possibles inserts are done...

Why/how you might change the timer for the details popup preview

What changes to the environmental variables in the Windows/Linux servers (Apache, SQL, etc) you might need to do, and how to do that

How to update live systems, the issues and possible solutions

How to setup/handle the database on a different server

For developers practicing Model-View-Controller (MVC), database abstraction, and other common paradigms/strategies, how they might practice that