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Vacation template

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The Vacation template is designed to build a website with vacation house listings.



The administrator (admin/admin) has full access to all tables. Admin can add/edit the properties, make/cancel reservations, etc. Guest users can search/view properties, listings, and availability.


Check this live demo for additional information.


Download a standalone version of Vacation template


This template uses the following tables:


vacproperties - the main table that holds the vacation house listings;

vacreservations - a table for house reservations;

vacusers - the login table;

vacbedrooms - a lookup table for the number of bedrooms;

vacbathrooms - a lookup table for the number of bathrooms;

vacareas - a lookup table for the area type;

vaclocations - a lookup table for the location type;

vacpropertytype - a lookup table for the property type;

vacstates - a lookup table for the states;

vacstatus - a lookup table for the reservation status.

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