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SQLQuery class: replaceWhere

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Replaces the WHERE clause of the original SQL query with a new one.


Note: SQLQuery class methods are used in the After table initialized event.


replaceWhere( $condition)



any conditional clause. Example: "id_sizes < 3 or id_sizes > 6". id_sizes is the field name.

Return value

No return value.

Example 1

Display records from the table where the value of the test field is 'passed':


$query->replaceWhere( "test = 'passed'" );

Example 2

Display records from where the value of the size field is 3 and the value of the adjust field is less than 2:


$query->replaceWhere( "size = 3 and adjust < 2" );

Example 3

Display all table records:


$query->replaceWhere( "" );

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