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PHPRunner 9.8 Manual

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FrontPage Publishing

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To upload files with FrontPage Server Extensions, you need to setup FrontPage location properties.

Enter Host name, User, Password to enable Browse button. Click Browse to choose directory to upload generated files.

If your web hosting provider has a designated folder for databases, you need to move database file to that directory. Connection string will be updated to match new database folder automatically.


Fill in Remote Web site URL textbox to open downloaded pages in browser for test purposes.

To upload files choose FrontPage location and click Upload button. You can stop upload at any time by clicking Stop button.


You can choose between the following File options:

Upload changed files only - to upload files that were changed since previous upload.

Upload all files - to upload all generated files.

Upload all files in the output directory - to upload all files including files that were created not by PHPRunner.