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Template files processing rules (Files.txt)

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The Files.txt file

The Files.txt file (located in the source directory) contains the list of template processing rules.


<source file> <destination file> [table name]


The [table name] is an optional parameter that must be provided for the table specific templates, such as list.php, edit.php, etc. If the [table name] parameter is a specified file, it is processed for each table in the project. Otherwise the template file is processed once.


Files.txt supports a conditional compilation. See Template language reference for more info on the syntax.


##if @t.bAdd || @t.bInlineAdd##
add.php ##@t.strShortTableName##_add.php ##@t.strDataSourceTable##


This code snippet tells the wizard to create an Add page (tablename_add.php file) if the Add or Inline Add options have been selected for this table.


Each business template (Cars, Events, PayPal, etc.) also has files.txt which overrides the rules defined in the main file.


If you add your files to the template, it's necessary for you to add new lines to the files.txt file to define how the new files should be processed.

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