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Events.Before record deleted

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The BeforeDelete event is executed before the record is deleted.





a WHERE clause that points to the record to be copied. Example: ID=19.


an array with the field values from the record to be deleted. To access a specific field value, use $deleted_values["FieldName"].

Note: Field names are case-sensitive. If the field name is PlayerId, you should use $deleted_values["PlayerId"]. Note that $deleted_values["playerid"] or $deleted_values["PlayerID"] will not work.



place the message to be displayed into this variable.


an object representing the current page. For more information, see RunnerPage class.

Return value

True - the record gets deleted.


False - the record does not get deleted.

Applies to pages


Recommended sample events:

Before deleting a record check if related records exist

Update multiple records on the List page

See also:

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RunnerPage class:setTabWhere()


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