This is a combination of Edit and View Diagram plugins. You can build diagrams, add labels, link elements together and make them point to specific URLs. Colors and sizes are customizable.

You can add any number of your own custom images. An example of initialization script (PHP version):

$this->settings["width"] = 600; // diagram width in pixels
$this->settings["height"] = 400; // diagram height in pixels

// standard figures: true - show button, false - hide
$this->settings["rectangle"] = true;
$this->settings["line"] = true;
$this->settings["circle"] = false;
$this->settings["rhombus"] = false;

// default border color for standard figures
$this->settings["border"] = "#555555";

// You can create custom buttons. To do this uncomment the following lines.
// For each button specify the image source, width and height in parameter $this->settings["image_source"].
$this->settings["image_source"] = array (
array("image"=>"images/blue_man.gif","width"=>26, "height"=>56),
array("image"=>"images/red_man.gif","width"=>26, "height"=>56)


Check 'Live demo' link on the left, add a new record and create a diagram to see how it works.

You need to use a long text field to store diagram info. In MS Access use MEMO field, in MySQL use MEDIUMBLOB, in SQL Server use TEXT field.


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It's excellent. Good idea !!! I will use it to do basic documentation of entities in my applications. Thanks !!!
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