Black Friday – Cyber Monday sale


Special offer: Buy one get one free

Time Remaining:



To take advantage of this offer place an order for any eligible product and contact support team with your order number to claim your gift. Buy two products – get two free gifts etc.

This offer applies to both new purchases and upgrades. Here is the list of eligible gifts:

1 thought on “Black Friday – Cyber Monday sale

  1. Hi Xlinesoft,

    I have been working with a partner, Ruud Wiering of XSIT consultancy, for many years now. Also on several PHPrunner projects. Ruud is btw one of your longtime customers.

    Now I would like to buy my own own copy of PHPrunner.

    Is it possible to get a discount on let’s say the Enterprise Edition for the price of the Professional edition. (Black/Grey Wednesday 😊)

    I hope you do not mind me asking for this discount.

    Kind regards,

    Henny Sol

    PS Ruud did already sent a mail to Sergey Kornilov with the same question.

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