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Event: BeforeProcessRow<PageName>



Function BeforeProcessRow<PageName> is executed right after a database record was retrieved from the database and before formatting is applied.




data - array of fied values of the record being processed. To access specific field value use data("FieldName"). Note that you can read the data array and also write to it changing the values before showing them on the page.

Field names are case-sensitive. If the field name is PlayerId, you should use data("PlayerId"). Note that data("playerid") or data("PlayerID") will not work.

pageObject - an object representing the current page. For more information, see Page class.

Return value

True - record will be shown on the page.

False - record will be skipped.

Applies to pages

List, Print

Recommended predefined actions and sample events

Send a simple email

Insert a record into another table

Check to see if a specific record exists

Display a message on the Web page

Redirect to another page

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