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You can format field values by adding ASP code.


Input value is stored in the variable $value. Output value is assigned to the same variable $value. You can access other fields of the same data record as $data["FieldName"].

If you chose Lookup wizard in the "Edit as" settings, use $value to access the Display field value and $data["LinkFieldName"] to access the Link field value.


1. Convert a string into the upper case:

strValue = Ucase(strValue)

2. Format 10-digit phone number into the following format (xxx) xxx-xxx:

if Len(strValue)=10 then

 strValue = "(" & Mid(strValue,1,3) & ") " & Mid(strValue,4,3) & "-" & Mid(strValue,7)

end if

3. Display value of field FirstName as <FirstName> <LastName> (if LastName field defined):

strValue = strValue & " " & data("LastName")

4. Display a number in black color if number is positive and red font if number is negative:

if CDbl(strValue)>0 then




end if

strValue= "<font color='" & color & "'>" & strValue & "</font>"

5. Display a field containing email address as email hyperlink (mailto function used). The value of subject in mailto function is set to a value of another field:

strValue = "<a href='mailto:" & strValue & "?subject=" & data("SubjectField") & "'>Send email</a>"

6. Display a field value in one line (without line breaks):

strValue = Replace(strValue, " ","&nbsp;")

7. Display all images uploaded via multiupload:

if Len(strValue)>0 then

  doAssignmentByRef filesArray,my_json_decode(strValue)

  allItems = filesArray.Items

  imageValue = ""

  For i = 0 To filesArray.Count - 1

    imageValue = imageValue & "<img alt='" & htmlspecialchars(allItems(i)("usrName"))&"' src='" & htmlspecialchars(allItems(i)("name"))&"'>"


  strValue = imageValue

end if


8. Display phone number as click-to-call link for mobile browsers:

strValue = "<a href='tel:" & strValue & "'>Call us!</a>"

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