How to publish ASPRunnerPro apps using FrontPage 2003

Here is how files generated by ASPRunnerPro can be published on the Web using Frontpage 2003:

  • Run ASPRunnerPro. Point it to your database and create your ASP pages. Lets assume that your output folder is C:\Users\Username\Documents\ASPRunnerProProjects\Project1\Output
  • Start Frontpage. Click File and choose Open Web.
  • Locate projects' output directory (C:\Users\Username\Documents\ASPRunnerProProjects\Project1\Output) using the Look In box. Highlight folder and click Open.
  • Now click File again and choose Publish Web. A window will appear asking for the destination of this web. Enter . Once you have specified the location, you will need to select either Publish changed page or Publish all pages.
  • When prompted, enter your username in format username and password. Now that you have logged into the server, FrontPage will begin to publish your new web site to the server.