How to publish ASPRunnerPro apps using FrontPage 2002

Here is how files generated by ASPRunnerPro can be published on the Web using Frontpage 2002:

  • Run ASPRunnerPro. Point it to your database and create your ASP pages. Lets assume that your output folder is C:\Users\Username\Documents\ASPRunnerProProjects\Project1\Output
  • Start Frontpage. Select "File -> New -> Web".
  • Select "Import Web Wizard". Enter your Web site address in the address box (i.e. and click "Ok".
  • In the "Import Web Wizard" dialog, select ASPRunners' output directory (C:\Users\Username\Documents\ASPRunnerProProjects\Project1\Output) as a source. Include subfolders and click "Next".
  • Exclude files that you don't need and click "Next".
  • Click "Finish". Now your Web site is up and running at