How to troubleshoot SQL errors in ASPRunnerPro applications

Here is the simple example how to find and fix some ASPRunner's SQL errors. Lets create MS Access database with a single table named "Person".

Access database

- Start ASPRunner, choose table Person as a source.
- Select "Edit" Page option on "Select pages" screen.
- After ASP pages are successfully generated open them in the browser.
- By clicking "Edit" go to the Edit Page.

Edit page

- Click "Save"
- Now you see the page with ASP Error Technical Information. This page contains text of the SQL query which caused the error.

ASP error happened

Note: We recommend in such situations copy the code of the query and run in the software were your database was generated. In this case we will run it in MS Access.

- Copy the text of the SQL query into the Update Query window and run it.
- MS Access shows the place in the code that causes the error. Field Date is highlighted. Date is reserved word in MS Access, that means that this word can not be used as a name of the field.

Error in UPDATE statement

Changing field name to BirthDate fixes this error.

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